Our Favourite Albums of 2016

Some of our team up here in Liverpool have picked their favourite albums of 2016. 

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Kevin McManus (Curator)

I love David Bowie's 'Blackstar' album. It's a collection that stands up as a genuinely stunning and innovative album even without the added poignancy of Bowie's death a few days after it was released. But my personal favourite was the return of the The Coral with the magnificent 'Distance Inbetween'.  It's the sound of a band reinvigorated and making a real statement of intent. 

Sarah Holbrook (Sales & Marketing)

I stumbled across Kaleo on an acoustic playlist on Spotify and they were my find of 2016. I’ve hammered their 'A/B' album this year. Their song “I Can’t Go On Without You” was particularly haunting when I saw them earlier this year and I can’t wait to see them again next year at the Albert Hall in Manchester because that is such a fitting venue for their vibe.

Cath Hurley (Marketing Manager)

Most of my walks home from work have been sound-tracked by ‘A Seat at The Table’ by Solange. It’s an incredibly important and captivating album that explicitly portrays the experiences of Solange and the many non-white people that she is representing in her thought-provoking lyrics. The production on this is gorgeous, as are the arrangements and her vocals, which all help to make those powerful words cut deeper. A truly honest and political album that serves as a snapshot of life in America through these dark times.

Craig Middlehurst (VE Duty Officer)

Black Peaks – 'Statues'. So many different sounds and genres all perfectly executed in one seriously impressive debut. With massive guitars, soaring vocals and a musical prowess to be jealous of, they’re British, original, and deserve a massive future… The standard bearer of everything I’ve been listening to in 2016 . If you haven’t already, check them out!

Tim Husbands (CEO of TBL)

Van Morrison’s  ‘Keep Me Singing’ – a Belfast legend, Van returns to his musical roots to find a sound that has reflections of his classic period of productivity.

Ian Gardner (Venue Operations Manager)

Blossoms, Blossoms

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