Our Favourite Songs of 2016

We asked some of our team members to choose their favourite tracks of 2016. What a varied bunch we are!

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Sarah Holbrook (Sales & Marketing)

Spotify informs me that Biffy Clyro’s ‘Wolves of Winter’ was my most played song which seems about right because that intro to that song hooked me in from the start and it was like BAM! The Biffy clan are back. Simon Neil said it was their call to arms and it felt that during their Leeds headliner.

 Eve Buchanan-Graham (Management Team)

Coldplay’s ‘Hymn for the weekend’ – I just love this song, it is so uplifting!  I haven’t a clue what the lyrics are but it doesn’t matter, I sing along anyway and I never get sick of it!

Cath Hurley (Marketing Manager)

This is so difficult that I’ve changed my mind several times, but the track I keep going back to is ‘Skwod’ by Nadia Rose. I think she is an incredibly exciting artist who is going to have an absolutely amazing 2017. I’ve picked this song as it’s probably the one that I’ve gone “have you heard this?!” to people the most. I adore it, her lyrics are so witty and she has so much character which she stamps all over her music.

Craig Middlehurst (VE Duty Officer)

Architects – Gone with The Wind. Unlike a lot of the metal music I listen to, this song grabbed me, and got me listening to the band. After hearing it, I later learned how the band’s guitarist wrote it about his 3 year struggle with cancer, and talked about how he had lost all his faith and felt hopelessly resigned to his illness. He passed away in August, and the poignancy of the song is devastating, but beautiful.

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