Scouse Pop

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Join us at the British Music Experience with author Paul Skillen as he talks about his new book Scouse Pop.

Scouse Pop is a journey into the personalities and music of the successful pioneering Liverpool pop bands of the late seventies and eighties. It examines their motivations, their uniqueness and the routes to success which made them into enduring musical innovators. It looks at the reasons why art-pop bands such as OMD, China Crisis, Echo and the Bunnymen, Black and Frankie Goes to Hollywood managed to combine art and commerce with such spectacular success. The bands experienced their own ‘revolutions in the head,’ internal revolutions than eventually made many of them household names.

The development of these suburban romantics from Liverpool represented a period of intensive creativity and musical romanticism that still resonates today. The spirit of (internal) revolution at the heart of these bands retains a strong fascination for those interested in artistic creation and popular culture. Given the bleak and uninspiring context within which the bands surfaced, how did these musicians achieve great success? Scouse Pop explores this question in detail, and examines the factors that facilitated the transformation of Liverpool teenage dreams into commercial and cultural impact. The music industry, radio and DJs, producers and engineers, the record-buying public and the bands themselves comprise the heart of this account.

This book is a must for any music fan, especially if you were a fan of, or lived through 1980s Liverpool. Scouse Pop analyses the plethora of great bands emanating from Liverpool during a fascinating era in her history. The book examines how the originality of the music shone through some of the darker days and tragedies to have befallen the city in recent times and how acts such as OMD Frankie Goes to Hollywood and A Flock of Seagulls flourished in such testing times. The book studies the heady mixture of Merseyside’s political struggles and marginalised youth met by Scouse resilience and determination to succeed.

Paul Skillen is Programme Leader in Education Studies at the University of Chester. He was a contributor to the magazine Merseysound and assisted Klaus Schwartze with compiling the two-volume Scouse Phenomenon book of musical family trees. His band, This Final Frame, receives national and international radio play and have achieved great popularity in the Philippines.

The book will be on sale at a discounted price of £20 for all ticket holders (RRP £25)