*SOLD OUT* Dave Haslam ‘Courtney Love in Liverpool, 1982’ book launch

Event Ended

At the age of 17 - before Hole, before meeting Kurt Cobain - Courtney Love took a trip to Liverpool. She describes the months she spent in the city in 1982 as "one of the most important things of my existence."

In his new book, ‘Searching For Love; Courtney Love in Liverpool, 1982’, Dave Haslam explores the stories she's told of her stay, talks to people who remember her, and celebrates the Eric’s generation in the city that attracted and inspired her.

It’s a quintessential sex, drugs and rock & roll story, but as well as being about LSD, Courtney losing her virginity, her days hanging out to Café Tabac and Probe, her devotion to music, and her feuds with Julian Cope and Pete Burns, the book is also about youth - in all its (sometimes gruesome) glory - and memory and self-mythology. Most of all, it’s the definitive account an intriguing, inspiring episode in the life of a music icon.

In addition to an onstage interview with Dave Haslam hosted by Paul Fitzgerald, the event will include a short acoustic set by Campbell L Sangster, and an audience Q&A. And will conclude with a signing session.

Image © Robin D. Bradbury