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The British Music Experience is located in the Cunard building, Pier Head, Liverpool Waterfront.


General Access

The British Music Experience has two entrances - a main entrance on Canada Boulevard (opposite the Mersey Ferry terminal) and an accessible entrance on Brunswick Street. 


Our main entrance features two flights of stone steps - 8 steps to a landing area, followed by 6 steps to the entrance.  Within the entrance are 3 marble steps to the ticket desk.

Our accessible entrance on Brunswick Street is reached via a ramp.  Please use the intercom at the door and it will be answered by the main building reception.  State that you are visiting BME and they will buzz you inside.  You will then need to call the lift and head to the ground floor (0).  You will then be met by a member of our crew who will take you through to our main entrance.  

Rest Points

There are rest points within the main space. Seating is around the four marble pillars that are to the right and left of the main stage.  There are also a small number of portable stools that can be used to sit in front of any of the displays - please ask our crew for more information.




The BME has no dedicated parking. There are 6 disabled parking bays on Brunswick Street and 1 on Water Street. There is a drop off lay-by at the front of the Pier Head Entrance.

For more information on parking click here.



Our ticket desk has lowered counters and all circulation spaces within the British Music Experience are fully accessible for wheelchairs, including our Merch Store and Star Café. 

We have two folding wheelchairs which can be reserved by contacting our ticket desk on 0151 519 0915.

The museum galleries, Merch Store and Star Café are all on one level.


Bathroom Facilities 


There is an accessible toilet next to the Star Café.  It is fitted with an emergency alarm and is monitored by staff throughout the day.


Visitors with Hearing Impairments


All audio areas of the exhibition have integrated loop systems. Visitors with hearing aids should switch to their 'T' setting.

Visitors with Visual Impairments


Please note that the lighting levels can vary throughout the venue. Some galleries have low light while our Merch Store and Star Café have large windows and can be extremely bright.

Assistance Dogs

We welcome assistance dogs.  If you would like any further information about visiting with your assistance dog, please contact our ticket desk on 0151 519 0915 or email



The British Music Experience operates a Free Carers Policy. We will provide a free carer ticket to any customer requiring essential assistance for their visit. 




If you or a member of your party has ASD, please contact us on 0151 519 0915 or for advice about visiting the British Music Experience.


We aim to ensure all of our visitors' access requirements are fully met. If you need any further information about accessing the BME, please telephone 0151 519 0915. Alternatively, please email

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