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Album Launch: Calum Gilligan + support 

Thursday 14 April, 7.30pm

Scottish folk musician Calum Gilligan will be launching his new album 'Footsteps on the Broken Road' at the British Music Experience on the 14th April 2022. 


Pulling together the many influences on his musical styles from across the world, 'Footsteps on the Broken Road' is inspired by deep, dark Scottish winters, Cornish seafaring communities, ancient folk tales of forests and foxes, and the wide, often desolate plains of the Kazakh steppe.


Join Calum and on the night to celebrate the wide world of Folk music and to welcome this new work into that world.


Tickets are £8 for general admission, or £15 for general admission + an album (CD). 


Tickets can be bought from the link below;



Please note, our museum galleries are closed during events.    

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