John Hughes Film Season 

John Hughes is best known for his coming-of-age teen comedy films which often combined magic realism with honest depictions of suburban teenage life. Hughes’ portrayals of adolescence and the social dynamics of high school life earned him high praise in the mid-1980s.


Being the British Museum of Rock and Pop, we’ve selected films that have great soundtracks - so you can watch the films surrounded by memorabilia from rock and pop history.


Please note, our galleries are closed during film screenings.  There are no ads or trailers, both films start at 7pm. 

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  • £8 / £6.50 concession and Independent Liverpool member (ID required)

Sixteen Candles

14 October

Samantha (Molly Ringwald) feels her life is going downhill fast. The sixteen-year-old has a crush on the most popular boy in school, and the geekiest boy in school has a crush on her. Her sister's getting married, and with all the excitement the rest of her family forgets her birthday! Add all this to a pair of horrendously embarrassing grandparents, a foreign exchange student, and we have the makings of a hilarious journey into young womanhood.


Director: John Hughes

Certificate: 15

Length: 1hr 33mins


Ferris Bueller's Day Off
21 October

Ferris (Matthew Broderick) is a street-wise kid who knows all the tricks. Today he decides to take the day off school. When Ferris takes the day off, so must his best friends, Cameron and Sloane. Cameron is reluctantly persuaded to borrow his father's Ferrari, and together they hatch a plan to get Sloane out of class. Suspicious dean of students Ed Rooney knows all about Ferris, but can never catch him. Ferris' sister Jeanie is also frustrated that Ferris always gets away with his tricks and she doesn't. Furthermore, Ferris is an 'angel' in his parents’ eyes. It's Ferris' day off, he's out to enjoy himself, and he does!


Director: John Hughes

Certificate: 15

Length: 1hr 43mins