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The British Music Experience is an independent museum and a registered not-for-profit charity with the purpose of advancing the education and appreciation of the art, history and science of music in Britain. Its charitable purposes include: 


  • Presentation of interactive learning displays and exhibitions, public events and concerts;

  • Acquisition (whether on loan, or lease, or by way of gift, purchase, recovery or otherwise), preservation, maintenance and exhibition of any artistic works, instruments, papers, interviews or artefacts; and

  • Provision of research, sound recording, performance and archiving facilities.



The BME was initially spearheaded by renowned music promoter, Harvey Goldsmith, CBE, best known for the ground breaking Live Aid concert of 1985 which raised over £140m to fight world poverty. Harvey Goldsmith and the Trustees recognized a void in the music and cultural sector and wanted to give people the opportunity to both learn and celebrate the history of British popular music.


To fulfill the Museum’s charitable purposes, the BME through the support of bands, estates and management has amassed an unrivalled collection of rock and pop artefacts used to curate the rich history of popular British music alongside a social and political backdrop including: 

  • 600+ stage outfits, instruments, hand- written lyrics, and other objects brought to life with interactivity

  • 6000 images, artwork & video clips embedded in a digital timeline and archive

  • Musical timeline mirroring social history, politics, geography and technology in the UK

The BME has the only collection in the world to chart the rise of British Popular Music from its roots in Jazz to the present day and archive the successes of one the UK’s most creative and successful industries. After a 5 year run at The O2, London, the BME is now permanently resides in Liverpool, a UNESCO City of Music.

You can help us support and grow the archive and collection of instruments and outfits by agreeing to Gift Aid your admission ticket.  We will receive £0.25 for each £1 spent. Remember to complete your Gift Aid declaration and hand it to us on arrival. Thank you for the support.

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