Boasting an unrivalled collection of stage outfits, memorabilia and instruments, the BME charts the beginnings, rise and influence of British pop on art, fashion and even the government from 1945 to the present day.

Education trips to the BME include full access to the galleries, learning zones, Gibson Brands Interactive Studio and dance area.  Schools receive one of our innovative and exciting workshops, catering for key stage 1 right up to sixth-form as well as a tour of the galleries both led by our Education Crew.

Workshop Minimum: 10 Students
Teachers Go Free

Student Group Price: £8.50 each

To book your school group, please email info@britishmusicexperience.com or give us a call on 0151 519 0915


Our programme of workshops caters for a range of ages and abilities and cover a variety of curriculum areas. Workshops are held in our dedicated education space, the Discovery Zone.

Shakespeare, the Grandfather of Hip-Hop

Go back in time to discover how Shakespeare has more in common with current hip hop artists than you might think.

This surprising module asks the question 'if Shakespeare were alive today, would he have been a writer or a rap artist?. Students explore the language conventions present in classic literature, modern day prose and lyrics and look at the similarities between rhythm, tone and themes in his works.  The course aims to encourage pupils to challenge their expectations and compare and contrast their findings.


Suitable for Key Stages 3/4 - Citizenship, History, English and Music.

What's The Score?

From Harry Potter to Star Wars, music is used to set pace and tone.


In this highly interactive, lively and energetic workshop, students will explore how music is used in films to convey mood and emotion. Music isn't just an aural entertainment.  It is use in film and broadcast media to create atmosphere, develop tone and feelings. 

Students will get the chance to explore technologies where they can compose their own scores set to a variety of genres, focussing on tone and rhythm.


Suitable for Key Stages 1/2 - Music, ICT, STEM, English.


Music is more than just a soundtrack to our lives; it has an enormous impact on the way we live. 


Discover how popular music has shaped our society; from the clothes we wear to the stories in the news.

This fun and engaging workshop takes you on a journey back through time to the end of the Second World War, using stories, music and objects from the British Music Experience collection.


Suitable for Key Stages 1/2 - History, Citizenship, ICT, Music.

Pop Culture

Explore the social and political backdrop behind pop music.

This history-based workshop explores the significant youth movements that have emerged in the UK as a result of social change.

Through an interactive pop quiz highlighting the music and fashions that have emerged from these movements, students explore the social and political reasons for the rise of famous styles, from Mods and Rockers to Hippies and Punks.


Suitable for Key Stages 3/4 - History, Music, Art & Design, Creative & Media Studies.

Skiffle Along

Skiffle along with the British Music Experience in this sing along interactive SEND friendly workshop.

Participants will get the chance to sing along to some well-known Skiffle songs whilst learning about the history of Skiffle and its founding father Lonnie Donegan. Participants will learn about pace and tone whilst also getting a chance to get hands on with a variety of instruments.


Suitable for classes with SEND or for Key Stage 1.

Rhythm & Beat

Your entire class will be tapping, strumming and drumming along in this tactile interactive workshop.

Almost all famous rock and pop songs follow a particular beat. Learn the beat and you learn the song!

Understand the basics of beats and apply your knowledge to popular songs throughout the decades.


From The Beatles to Dua Lipa we'll get your class playing in unison to create their very own percussion band.

Suitable for Key Stage 2/3.

Gibson Interactive Studio

The Gibson Interactive Studio is stocked with a wide selection of Gibson guitars. Each of the guitar stations are connected to a bespoke interactive guitar lesson for beginners, intermediate level and advanced.   

Students can also take lessons on industry-favourite Roland keyboards or let off some steam on the electric drums also complete with interactive tutorials. 

Each Education visit includes dedicated time in the Gibson Interactive Studio.