The BME is reopening on Saturday 29th May - tickets are on sale now.


The BME is reopening on Saturday 29th May. 

There are restrictions to the numbers of people allowed in at any one time and we therefore encourage you to book online to make things as safe and easy as possible. 

All general entry tickets purchased for the closure period remain valid for one year from purchase.

Events, Announcements & Temporary Exhibitions

21 May 2021

Liverpool LightNight 

Stealing Sheep: Song Machine

10 June 2021

1980's Film Season: Footloose


Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones

28 May 2021

Temporary Exhibition and Launch Event

17 June 2021

1980's Film Season: Desperately Seeking Susan


We are so pleased to have won the Tourism Experience of the Year Award 2020! 

3 June 2021

1980's Film Season: Ghostbusters

24 June 2021

1980's Film Season: Back to the Future

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