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One-Sheeter About the British Music Experience Short Descriptor: Discover the ultimate history of British Rock and Pop through memorabilia, costumes, instruments and performance. Learn to play using the best musical instruments available in the Gibson Interactive Studio. The Star Café and Merch Store are located in the foyer. Long Descriptor: Discover the ultimate history of British Rock and Pop, through over 600 artefacts on display in Liverpool’s iconic Cunard Building.
From The Beatles, Bowie and Queen to the Spice Girls, Oasis and Adele, the BME boasts an unrivalled collection of memorabilia, stage outfits, instruments, images and footage. It charts the beginnings, rise and influence of British pop from 1945 to the present day. There are outfits worn by artists from Freddie Mercury and Dusty Springfield, to David Bowie, Adam Ant and Little Mix and musical instruments played by some of the world’s most renowned artists from Roger Taylor’s drums to Noel Gallagher’s iconic Union Jack guitar. We even have hand written song lyrics from Adele, the original statues from the Brits and the Apple Corp front door from Saville Row. The museum includes galleries, interactive zones, audio visual experiences and hologram performances. You can get hands-on in the Gibson Interactive Studio by learning to play guitar, drums or keyboards. Try your hand at being a rock star by testing the vocal booth and dance your way through the eras in our Dance the Decades studio. The Star Café and Merch Store are located in the foyer.

Image and Press Requests

Please send us an email request for images to with a little about the article you are writing, show or segment so we can be sure we put you in touch with the correct member of our team.

Filming and Photography

The BME makes a wonderful backdrop for filming and photography, especially content related to pop culture, rock and pop history, fashion, politics etc. Please contact us for news filming enquiries at

Spice Girls- Example of outfits on display at the BME
Oasis Case
Cunard Building