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Letter to Brezhnev  

+ Q&A with Director, Chris Bernard
8 July 2021 - 7pm

Join us for a screening of the 1985 Liverpool-based indie classic, Letter to Brezhnev.  Written by Frank Clarke and directed by Chris Bernard, Letter to Brezhnev presents Margaret Thatcher's high-unemployment Liverpool as a depressed and tough city, fallen on hard times.


Two Soviet sailors, Peter (Peter Firth) and Sergei (Alfred Molina), go ashore in Liverpool to spend one night on the town. Peter can speak a minimal amount of English but it's enough to make contact with two Liverpudlian natives, Elaine (Alexandra Pigg) and Theresa (Margi Clarke). Elaine and Peter immediately fall in love with each other, but the night is short and they must leave with the ship. Elaine can't forget him and writes a letter to Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev, asking him to make it possible for them to reunite.


Following the screening, director Chris Bernard will be in conversation with Liverpool’s UNESCO Head of Music, Kevin McManus.  They will be talking about Liverpool in the mid-1980s and how the culture and politics of the city influenced the film.


Capacity is limited due to government restrictions and standard covid safety measures are in place. 

Tickets £9.50 adult, £8.50 concession/Independent Liverpool member (ID required) 

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