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Rock n' Roll Cinema A History of Popular Music & Film


Sunday 6 August, 1pm - The Discovery Zone


The rebellious nature of rock n’ roll has influenced and complimented cinema for generations.


The two art forms amalgamate into fascinating hybrids such as when world renowned musicians deliver astonishing, mediocre and (in some cases) dreadful acting performances. Another ‘blend’ is the music biopic: this decade has seen an impressive amount of sensationalised stories of some of the biggest names in music history, churned out of the Hollywood film factory. Not forgetting those, often uplifting, foot-tapping, singalong classics about the spirit of rock n’ roll!


Join BBC Radio Merseyside’s resident film expert and founder of Liverpool’s Reel Tours, Gary Lunt, for an entertaining talk. He’ll guide you through the good, the bad and the ugly of music and movies.


Many of the artists featured in the BME collection will make an appearance in this talk. This engaging history lesson celebrates musical movie giants and leaves its audience with a playlist of films to watch (or rewatch) with an enlightened eye.

This event takes place in our Discovery Zone, located off the main entrance foyer.  You don't need a museum ticket to take part in this event.  Tickets are sold via Reel Tours at the link below.


All tickets:  £10.00 -

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