About the BME

The permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of popular British Music will open at Liverpool's Cunard Building, 9th March 2017.

The British Music Experience is a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of popular music in Britain. State of the art effects and iconic memorabilia will show how rock, pop, dance and other genres were formed and have influenced the last seventy years of British culture.

We will take you all the way back to 1945 and bring you up to the present day through the different musical genres. You will eavesdrop on interviews with the stars, witness amazing artefacts “come to life”, record songs, learn instruments, bust moves on the dancefloor and immerse yourself in our live music experience. As you progress through the 8 ‘edge zones’, you will explore the rich heritage of British music against a social and political context.

Interactive Guides will allow you to get a deeper insight into what happened in each of the musical eras. The Rich mix of audiovisual content is enhanced with voice over, subtitles and provision for portable hearing loops.